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We're a social business that thinks and acts to make society more engaged, engaging and co-designed. We do this by creating vehicles for campaigns, social action and delivery and by working with like-minded people to make change happen. We're social innovators and change makers with a background in technology, education, social action and democracy!

Our ventures

Here are some of the things we're doing

Democratise Making democracy work better by transforming leadership and strengthening engagement

FutureDigital Helping democratic institutions create roadmaps and solutions for effective digital engagement

Active Democracies Our framework for re-imagining democratic institions and their relationship with citizens, moving from arrogance to intimacy, from control to co-creation!

IGNITION_ A new model for agile, active intra-organisation innovation, igniting change from the inside!

DemocracySpace Connecting, curating and accelerating democratic innovation. DemocracySpace is a new hub for open, collaborative innovation and coproduction and a network for democratic innovators. It's open to anyone who wants to make demoracy work better.

Our partners

Good gets better when you work with like-minds, so we always happy to partner with organisations that bring fresh ideas, world-class skills and support our values.

The Social Change Agency makes the world a fairer, more just, fun and equal place to be, using movement building, communication and joint venturing.

Co-lab by Preera is about innovation, co-creation and transformation for organisations and individuals.

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