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Let's build a better democracy together.
Låt oss bygga en bättre demokrati tillsammans.


Making democracy work better for everyone.
Få demokratin att fungera bättre för alla.

We're a social business that thinks and acts to make society more engaged, engaging and co-designed. We do this by creating vehicles for campaigns, social action and delivery and by working with like-minded people to make change happen. Our mission is social and democratic innovation; we want to get more people actively involved in shaping the decisions that affect their lives.

We help people understand how democracy works and work with them to codesign new policies, processes and services. Our work helps governments, parliaments and other public services become better at listening, more responsive and more effective. It helps civil society campaign, mobilise, connect and engage. The outcome: Better public services and stronger democracy.

Our active ventures include

Making democracy work better by transforming leadership and strengthening engagement - Democratise is research and ideas led, people-focused and delivers real and sustasinable change across the structural and strategic level of public services.
Active Democracies
Our framework for re-imagining democratic institions and their relationship with citizens; moving from arrogance to intimacy, from control to co-creation.
Reimagining live, agile and active intra-organisational innovation - igniting powerful changes from the inside to transform organisations and services.
Connecting, curating and accelerating democratic innovation. DemocracySpace is a new hub for open, collaborative innovation and coproduction and a network for democratic innovators. It's open to anyone who wants to make demoracy work better.

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If you're passionate about wanting to make democracy work better, want to explore how to make your organisation or community better at engagement, innovation and co-creation then we'd love to help.

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